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Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions for our products and services.

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Stage Properties

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Can your Trailer Stage be easily set up and dismantled by one person?

We have a high trained group of event technicians, as not to rely on one person, who can expertly and efficiently setup the trailer stage for your event.

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Do you provide delivery and setup services for the Trailer Stages?

Yes. All of our stages are delivered to site and set up by our own team of event technicians.

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Can the Trailer Stages be used for both indoor and outdoor events?

Enquire about our products and services for your inside or outside event?

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Do you offer on-site technical support during events if any issues arise?

Yes. This is a service we provide.

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Can the Trailer Stages accommodate live bands and sound systems?

Yes of course!
Find out about the sizes of stage to hire?

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Are there any height restrictions for the Trailer Stages, such as low bridges or overhead obstructions?

Yes. We will check all these details during the booking process.

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Stage Properties

What are the dimensions and weight capacity of your Trailer Stages?

We have a variety of stages to suit your rental needs. Therefore, please ask us to send you specs for the stage(s) you require.

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Are the Trailer Stages weatherproof and suitable for outdoor events?

Yes. They are waterproof so no need to worry about the good old British weather!

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Can the Trailer Stages be customised with branding or logos?

Yes. We have custom branding packages available for banners to be added to the front of stage in various configurations.

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What additional equipment or accessories can be included with the Trailer Stage rental?

We offer full event solutions from sound, lighting, power generation, protection matting, fencing, crowd barriers and more. Please enquire about equipment, if needed.

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Are there any specific power requirements for the Trailer Stages?

No. These mobile Stages are fully self-contained and don’t require onsite power to setup or pack down.

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Are the Trailer Stages equipped with safety features like guardrails and non-slip surfaces?

Yes. All of our stages have the above equipment fitted as standard.

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Can the Trailer Stages be customised with lighting and audio-visual effects?

Yes. We offer full event solutions from sound, lighting, power generation, matting, fencing, crowd barriers and more.

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What is the process for booking a Trailer Stage and securing a reservation?

Please make contact via your preferred method and we will get your booking in the diary.
A deposit will be required to secure your booking.

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What is the rental duration and pricing options for the Trailer Stages?

Pricing is usually per day and discounted for multiple day, weekly or weekend hires. Enquire to find out how much.

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Are there any insurance requirements or liability considerations when renting a Trailer Stage?

Please read Organising a voluntary event: a ‘can do’ guide – GOV.UK ( from the UK Government Cabinet Office for help and advice.

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Do you offer any discounts for long-term or recurring bookings?

Yes. Please get in touch via your preferred method to discuss your options.

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How far in advance should I book a Trailer Stage for my event to ensure availability?

We currently have bookings for next year, so get in touch now to secure a stage for your event.

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Can the Trailer Stage be used for multiple events on the same day?

Yes it can.

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Are there any restrictions or permits required for setting up the Trailer Stage at specific venues or locations?

The stage trailers are only really limited to the site access of your event location.

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Are there any age restrictions or permits required for renting the Trailer Stages?

We will require proof of ID from the hirer along with a signed handover form when the stage has been delivered and setup.

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Who are Main Stage Hire and Atomic Live?

Atomic Live is the business name and Main Stage Hire is the associated website.