Portable stage hire in Stevenage from Atomic Live

Portable Stage Hire for wet event in Stevenage

Local music festival plays on at the Old Town for the wettest day in September.

Stage hire Stevenage old town - outdoor festival night event
Stage hire Stevenage old town – outdoor festival night event

Stevenage Old Town

Date: Saturday, September 2023

Service: Stagemobil L stage hire, power and production, sound system, lighting and crowd barriers

Atomic Live was called to supply a large stage at the local music festival, alongside other multiple stages where live music bands performed in Stevenage Old Town.

Early that Saturday morning, the stage trailer was driven just a short distance from our headquarters to set up until 11am in time for the midday onward start.

The whole day was torrential rain, but the stage performed perfectly, keeping the stage area and musicians dry for the entire time.

Comments from the crowd were that everyone loved the speed in which the stage hire was set, packed down and the visual impact was vivid to see, especially on a day like that.

Event photos

Stage hire Stevenage - event photo from MainStageHire

Stage Trailer vehicle - event photo from MainStageHire

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